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Welcome to:

Antrad ltd of Emsworth providing Glass Block Walls using the blokup system

We stock and supply glass block walls of all sizes.

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Glass Block Walls  
Glass blocks are a stunning way of creating amazing visual effects in both the home and the office.

The following are examples of how glass blocks can be used:

  • Showers: Glass blocks of different colours and translucency allow the user to create stunning shower walls whilst preserving the user’s privacy (using smoked or patterned glass blocks).
  • Windows: Using either clear or coloured glass blocks, windows created out of glass blocks look fantastic and can be easily installed with modern techniques.
  • Separation: Why use boring old screens, when with glass blocks you can create interesting and pleasing barriers, be it between desks or simply in a room. Work with different colours and styles of glass blocks and allow your imagination to run wild.
  • Glass block walls can be used in so many environments and situations, that you are limited only by your imaginaiton on where to put your glass block wall.

Antrad can supply and advise on many different glass block systems. Whether for the DIYer or the Professional, our range of glass blocks is not only outstanding but second to none.

Glass Block wall being used in bathroom environment
We also believe we are the only company to offer an online design service for the Blokup glass block wall system. This allows the user to specify how many glass blocks they need for their glass block walls. They can change the glass blocks in the glass block wall they are building online, allowing them to visualize, in a representation of the glass block wall and the different glass blocks they need. All this in an easy point-and-click style make Antrad Ltd the perfect supplier for your glass blocks.

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Alternativly you can design glass block walls to your requirments using our interactive glass block wall designer Click here to launch Antrads glass block wall designer.

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